A lovely, rare, All-African affair

 In a commercialized sports world of promo’s and P.R,

‘I’m tired of seeing these guys hugging each other, at the end of a game … crying, telling each other how good they were. Nonsense!  Let’s go back to the ‘70’s [reminiscent of John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg] where there was real fighting … for the win!’

was a comment from commentators earlier today.

Fair enough – commentators having their go at the caliber of the ATP Tennis circuit. I suppose, I agree – sport is, after all, a stage of modern warfare. Though we all know how far some players can take a tiff (ala Serena Williams and her most undesirable tantrums).

However, due to this specific match-up, I felt myself retracting the extent to which I agree with the need for speed and unbridled aggression between opponents. The match the commentators were drawing from was the 2012 Qatar ExxonMobil Open first round: Malek Jaziri versus Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. I retract not because Tsonga has fit calves, or broad shoulders, or beautiful thick ethnic hair, but rather because the two share something that makes me proud.

I hope that I am not the only one who smiled at the fact that Tsonga and Jaziri both carry substantial African pride with them in their racquets – the former being of Cameroonian descent and the latter of Tunisian heritage. It’s one of those contests where, frankly, you barely mind who wins or loses and centre court is merely a joy to watch. Ahh yes, life’s simple pleasures!


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