The Tim Tebow

July 2009, Sports IllustratedI once had a boyfriend, over half a year ago; we met in passing alongside a cricket oval. One afternoon, in a queue at an Edgars (near a rack of children’s items) I told him that our imaginary children should be home-schooled. He shot me a sheepish look and laughed it off spurting, “na-uh, not my kids.” He raised a point in favor of social skills and childhood development. And I excitedly tried to counter this point in five words: “but, look at Tim Tebow.”

Watching ESPN’s Bests of 2011 this morning, I got that same excitement that I had standing in that queue at Edgars. I first stumbled upon Tim Tebow in 2010 when I was looking up the history of the Heisman Trophy after watching the The Express: The Ernie Davis Story. Tebow was a buzz name but, for me, his larger appeal came from the fact that he was home-schooled in high-school and participated in public-school football.

You see, I believe in childhood socialization and development. But I also believe in a wholly conducive environment for value-based learning and world-class education – something not readily available in many senior schools. Of course, this is not always necessarily the case, but I would really consider high-school home-schooling if needs be (and if means be). Being able to enroll my scholar in an appropriate after-hours, extra-curricular physical activity at a local school would be comforting, knowing that the necessary peer-group skills and maturity development will be discovered in a sports context. After all, ‘sport is human life in microcosm.’


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