Calling the shots

By 22h30 to 00h30 on Sunday, I found myself unable to watch the Denver Broncos versus Pittsburgh Steelers 2012 NFL Playoff. I paced around my home for 5 minutes thinking of what I was going to do about it. I took it to my Twitter account:

@NyikoMinyuku: No catching the #Steelers vs. #Broncos live for me this evening – international broadcast agreements and their inconvenient truth.

And what a broadcast I missed because the next day, I found myself back on my Twitter account ReTweeting about the fact that the CBS network recorded 25.9 in overnight share points after the aforementioned game – a highest gross for an American Football Playoff in 24 years. I was sure that this would be a must-watch game and, indeed, it was. I strutted around my home for 5 minutes feeling like some kinda’ pro-am! As a student-sometimes-intern-often-volunteer, this happens to be a good shot-call … I don’t mind!


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