In the little things

Have you ever thought what little things make up the sport that you enjoy?

During the weekends, I score for cricket. Scoring basically entails keeping record of every name and number and ball played throughout the match. At the certified level of scoring, the quality of your work revolves around observing the intricate details of the game and recording it using color and codes.

Scorers sit off of the field of play so a lot of what is observed and recorded also takes place beyond the boundary.
I have overheard boyfriend’s romantic plans for their girlfriend’s, details of who did what the night before the morning after, and – generally – just typical bench banter. My favorite to hear, though, is the men speaking about their individual and team performances. It is often poetic, at times ridiculously comical, and it can go any which way on any given day. The little things; the joy they bring.


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