Sports lives and times

Yesterday, I approached my Training Advisor and queried the notification system used by the College I attend. Apparently, this is typical of me after class: as he focused his eyes at me, tilted his head and said ‘You know what, Nyiko, you should just actually have your own company.’ At first it did not register and I thought he fancied me an entrepreneur, but I laughed realizing that when other students sign the register and leave, I sign the register and make a suggestion or constructive criticism that – I hope – would better the general academic experiences at the College.

     Just last week, one of my after-class interventions was about our system of lectures. Because we use the Technology Based Training format of learning, I insist on knowing the credibility of the contributors who lecture in the electronic modules – call it a stimulation complex. One of the contributors in the current Marketing and Sponsorship module wore an Orlando Pirates team shirt and was introduced as a College Alumni holding a position in the PSL club’s office. I joked that we ought to confirm with the club after not having found his name on a Google search.



I have noticed that sport players, administrators and officials each have strategies, motivational quotes, memorable moments, classic performances and  ‘life lessons’ that are often picked up from a variety of sport players, administrators and officials alike. It is a source of comfort and inspiration to find that sort of likeness with one another on and / or off of the field.

These are one of the greatest joys of many a sport enthusiast – the transcendent power that the influences of our intertwined lives and times can generate.



As I mulled over the paper this morning, ironically, I found the name of the contributor to our Marketing and Sponsorship module that wore the Orlando Pirates team shirt and was introduced as a College Alumni. Sadly, under Timothy Molobi’s obituaries column in the City Press. It noted that Orlando Pirates are mourning the club’s webmaster: Molefi “Shoes” Makati.’


So, whilst I did not know him personally, by the small way in which our lives intertwine as we continue to watch his contribution to TBT lectures, we are stimulated. Transcendent power. May God guide him home.  


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