Autumn leaves and Summer clouds


One could write all day long about losing and the interwoven fibres that seem to tear apart in defeat. There is no particular strategy for dealing with loss; neither placement nor winning formula. Rather, it is but the final whistle that sets the score in motion: the sound of complicated signals, the glazed-eye stare of those who adore you, the call of ‘over’ by the umpire.

As Kaizer Chiefs lost a derby to Orlando Pirates, and Novak Djokovic lost in mojo to John Isner, many of us lost, too, in the form of the Phaka Anson Makgamatha. All of the words on all of the pages in all of the books in all of the world may never quite describe things. But this may sum it up for now: we thank you for the life, laughs, and love, in sport.

Just like a loss, blog entries like this are hard to end. They can merely strive to persevere, never giving up, keeping the passion and never, ever forgetting to remember. They have no ending.


See you in the follow-on innings, handsome heart.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


3 thoughts on “Autumn leaves and Summer clouds

  1. A blog like this should be preserved in the archives for the words that are written in it come form the rarest of species of mankind. I look forward to reading you writings for all the days of my life. He was blessed to have known one of the greatest writers that graced this earth.

  2. Hey i think you are the best writer i have ever had the honor of knowing.Phaka had to know you to because you are one of the finest of all the human race.May you gift shine as bright as the sun and never set.

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