Pump up the Volume

Songs that pump you up are the kind of songs that get you amp’d for championships of ordinary and extraordinary proportions. A hitch about a pump-up song, however, is that any detail beyond your particular fascination with the song itself may pass you by. Like, say, the exact lyrics, or the correct tune, or even the artist who sings it. I fell prey to this music-lover’s trap amongst a group of friends after the F.C. Barcelona 1 versus 2 Real Madrid C.F. game.

A Drake cut came on and in kicked my fascination with the song. For months I had been under the impression that Yolo was a man or someone in Drake’s phonebook or a homeboy from somewhere. I was wrong and promptly found out that Yolo stood for “You only live once.“ Of course! Tracking back on the many times that I mumbled on the motto of the song I began to make better sense of the point:

♫ you only live once / that’s the motto / Yolo / and we’re about it every day, every day, every day / like we’re sitting on the bench / we don’t really play ♫

I now enjoy the song even more – with the smug grin you get from enunciating the lyrics. You only live once, pump up the volume.


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