London2012 – 79 days

Having the skin surface above of my Achilles tendon scraped off has left me with a niggle in my step. For 5 days, I have been more selective of the kind of shoes that I wear, the way in which I land on my steps and the type of surfaces that I walk on. And then it got me thinking – with much respect, of course – of those who may go through these processes on a more permanent basis, say, not just from a superficial graze on the heel.  

One usually has a spiritual reverence and connection with different ability: a handsome blind man who crosses a busy traffic light, a young woman who is deaf whilst communicating ever eloquently, or a child who can’t walk as straight as what society is accustomed to seeing but walks to where he needs to be regardless.


 Sporting competitions that attune the ‘status’ of differently-abled athletes to that of their able-bodied counterparts is really something special, perhaps, unique and beautiful in the manner in which it captures another pure angle and essence of sport. I’ve noticed the countdown to London2012 set at 46 days today – make that 79 too, to be precise!


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