A walk down memory lane

Seeing as one only has the opportunity to see off the Olympics with a blog entry quadrennially, I decided to grab the bull and take a pink trip down memory lane:

1988 – 1992:

I have this vivid memory of a faded towel that I used to own, emblazoned with the Olympic rings and the logo for the 1992 Games. I tried to find it and take a picture but that towel was last seen somewhere in the late 1990’s (how old am I again?!). I did, however, manage to find a replica of the logo in all its faded glory:


Prime-time loops of Nancy Kerrigan bawling her eyes out, clutching her knee and sobbing ‘Why ME, why NOW?’- the scariest scenes I’d seen since the loops of the Rodney King beating:


Watching the 2000 Games Opening Ceremony during a grade class and wondering why it was dark and there were fireworks there [Australia] but it was day-time here [South Africa]:



Learning the value of marketing and sport sponsorship from seeing Ryk Neethling’s image at every km2 turn after the 2004 Games:



South Africa’s only advancement to medallion status in the 2008 Games courtesy of Khotso Mokoena. A bit of a blur – like sand in my eyes, to be honest:


Jessica Ennis winning the inspirational Women’s Heptathlon gold in the 2012 Games:


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