Onslaught of the ballers

Every now and then we take light of serious situations in sport. There were moments that had me enthused during this clip, or perhaps, I found myself releasing my own frustrations too:

5. The angle at which Kevin Garnett falls, cushioned ever so gently by a videographer’s shin.

4. The nanosecond worth of composure by Kris Humphries before the unexpected onslaught of 5 Celtic defenders.

3. The security guard who goes down to the beat of the referee’s frantic – but frantically ignored – whistle.

2. Gerald Wallace’s innocent “what dafuq?” upon second technical foul.

1. The young boy behind the hoop stand and lady with her hand over her gasping mouth (to the left of Humphries’ fall).

On that note, I pledge to learn more about basketball so that I come up with something more than an enthused analysis such as the above … quick before the next onslaught!


One thought on “Onslaught of the ballers

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