Season of the Tweet


It’s not exactly legendary (is it?) to write about a tweeting trend, for the sole fact that it is a trend, that it is (already) being tweeted overtly, and because it is a fleeting fad. But I found this particular hashtag to be catchy and was ever more delighted at a few of the 140-character geniuses who managed to link their tweets to sport: #LeaveItIn2012


@ObliviousNFLRef: #LeaveItin2012 Poker on sports channels.

@_C00LST0RY Boys with eyebrow slits looking like the Adidas logo. Girls with eyebrows looking like a Nike tick. #LeaveItIn2012

@GodschildXXIV’s: Team light skin, team dark skin, team medium skin, team this skin #leaveitin2012 PLEASE!!! We all HUMAN!!!


On that note, may I add that flamboyantly stating that ‘ke Dezember (sic) boss’ is something that I feel should have been left in 2010 along with other such tautological December-isms. And I’d like to know, if there was anything sport that you would leave in 2012, what would it be? @NyikoMinyuku


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