In the heat of the silly moments

And here I thought that the Onslaught of the Ballers would be a once-off silly summer antic; I was wrong. Whether you find this incident amusing or appalling, Shane Warne’s creative foolery in Melbourne this past weekend got quite silly. This particular heat boils down to what happens when man A grabbed on man B, which resulted in man C going through 15+ overs of sweaty pent-up frustration after which he found himself talking dirty and grabbing at man A in what he admitted to be “the heat of the moment.” But I am being a bit silly with this description now. If you haven’t seen it, here is the clip:

This was part of Warne’s statement after being grabbed by Cricket Australia and slapped with a match suspension and A$4500,00 fine for found breach of code of conduct on four counts: “Sport can be emotional and at times very passionate too. I went too far in trying to stand up for the team.” A far cry from how semi-silly he sounded about the incident in the post-match interview. If you haven’t seen it, here is the clip:


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