Go hard like I got an 808 in my heartbeat

Conversations about walk-out songs are always fun for they always give a basic (yet deep enough) insight the soundtrack of someone’s life and as to what their tune would be if they were a professional athlete.

If that introduction to the term ‘walk-out song’ was lost on you, think of the movie Rocky and the 80’s song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by rock band Survivor.

A walk-out song is the custom music played to a sports(wo)man’s entrance onto their arena or identifiable as heard in the player’s individual moment of glory, goal, score, or milestone. [Again: think Rocky Balboa sprinting the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum in a grey hoodie or training like a champion along that beach front]. Similarly, everyone in the world can have one in their own right: be you an accountant, traffic officer, librarian, or welder; anything goes.

An irony that I have often noticed about walk-outs, however, is in how they are limited to age-old or pre-2010 tracks. Rarely are they ever ‘brand spanking’ new though in a world where it is difficult to find pure lyrical, musical and psychologically motivational content to draw from all in one track, who can blame society after all! So, The Underscore is pushing ‘Can’t hold us’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton onto the Playlist feature as one of the top walk-out cuts heard this year. Press Play:


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