Run the Block

The unforced error that has culminated in my hiatus from blogging means that I may reveal more than I should. And that is fine – it is, after all, what a good lil’ blog is all about!

I always said that I would never run for leisure and I really prefer to run from something as opposed to something, except say the late train or to give someone something urgently, you know, pressing matters. Having a fast metabolism and not-yet your own vehicle can condition one to such thinking.

But I took to a sporadic instance today on a mission to the local store. This was not the plan, but as a Cassie tune began to convince me to get moving in the strong drizzle, my soles in New Balance 470V2’s felt a little turned on. I also happened to be wearing my grey Rocky-style hoodie: the scene was set. So I began …
… running for a block.
And another block …
… then trailing downhill and running another block.
And then, another …
… running the block.

I ran until my fisted hands began to lose their confident positioning at the front of my chest and when I began to lose breath I stopped. Needless to say, I had a natural spring in my step and made it to the store faster than I have on foot in years.

So there are three things that I have revealed about myself in my overdue return run to the blogosphere: (1) my too-often conscious run for the late train (2) my subconscious Sunday urge to run the block; and (3) oh, how I have missed The Underscore. Talk about endless possibilities to finding your greatness, run with them, those endless, endless possibilities.


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