It’s a new art form

When you train, when you exercise, when you compete, you become particularly aware of the lyrical content that subconsciously stimulates you. You become aware of the tone, pitch, and touch of it all, every line, every word, and how you relate to it at best. Characterized by bass drums, pump-up value and sing-along songs, young music has, however, taken to forms of lyrical truths that lay bare passion and pride. And this is how I came to wonder as to whether this specific song could fall into the Playlist category. [Cue: Lorde]

Lorde - Tennis-Court

By stripping away the upbeat all-I-do-is-win vibe, could the self-same references to battle, pain, joy and victory provide subconscious stimulation of the mind and body in the scheme before / of / after training, exercise or competition? On a scale of one to conscious embodiment, I give it a good nine. Call it a new art form or something. Press play.


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